Turntable Stylus Cleaner Special Gel Leaves Cartridge Needle Tip with Zero Dust
Eco-Friendly Handmade Wood - Anti-Static Record Stylus Cleaning
To enjoy Hi-Fi audio with the highest levels of aural satisfaction is critical
to collect the grime on your stylus tip.

Slide Optimize
your sound
ECO Friendly User Friendly Maximize
Cartridge Life
To enjoy Hi-Fi audio with the highest levels of aural satisfaction is critical to collect the grime on your stylus tip. Twist to open. Gently lower
the needle tip once or twice onto the cleaning ultra-soft Gel; lift the tonearm immediately, all the debris will cling,
Ecological handmade wooden and
specially design PU Gel
are completely safe to use.
Better solution than harmful
brush and fluids
By removing dust, dirt and other debris, which also decrease the sound quality and could damage the record FEATURES BUY NOW

TurntableStylus Cleaner Specially design Gel will clean the cartridge needle optimizing the sound quality of your Vinyl! – For Hi-Fi fanatics.

Slide Handmade Ashwood Magnifying Glass Specially design Polymer Gel Magnets for meticulous inspection To easily close and open non-toxic and non-polluting from North America

At AUDIOPHILE DEALER, we love HiFi Audio and the flawless sound of our turntables—just like you. That’s why we engineered an eco-friendly Stylus Cleaner to keep your Stylus clean. Use our exclusive design every time you play a new Vinyl to preserve the sound quality of your turntable and extend the life of your record. It is an essential for all vinyl audio fanatics.

Extremely simple to use; Twist to open, lower the Stylus once or twice onto the ultra-soft Gel with care, lift the tonearm, all the debris will cling, leaving the stylus spotless with zero dust. Make certain the movement of the Stylus is vertical only, with no horizontal motion (platter rotation), or you could damage the needle tip while in contact with the gel.

Cleaning the Gel is easy. Use water and let dry at room temperature (if necessary, you can also use a neutral soap). The stylus cleaner can be re-used and will remain tacky for many years. Why bother with using hard-bristled brushes and over-applying harmful fluids to your stylus? This simple needle cleaner is a green solution that protects your turntable and vinyl for years to come.

The specially designed non-toxic, non-polluting Polymer Gel will gently remove all the debris and dust. We incorporated a magnifying glass into cover so you can verify the cleanness of the cartridge needle tip. Manufactured by hand with lustrous North American Ashwood (Every design will be unique, because in wood, every cut will have a unique pattern), it meshes flawlessly with the elegance of your turntable. We are committed to the environment, Ashwood is a renewable, biodegradable resource, unlike plastic. Even the protective film around the product has a 3-6 months biodegradable life.

We don’t only put a lot of effort into making a high-quality product, but we also make sure that our clients are 100% happy after the purchase. Our experienced team will give you the best answer to any question or query you may have about the product.


Great Product!

Performed as described – excellent product.


Great product!

Cleans needle as advertised. Great packaging too!


Great product.

Great product. Easy to use.


Love this product

I like the fact that it is glued to the wood base rather than under paper. I like that the cover and base have magnets to hold it in place. Plus it looks super cool.

P. Vernon

Return to vinyl means finding new products. Great find.

This product surprised me with its effectiveness. Happy with the product.

Robin C.


Takes off any fuzz on needle without harm to stylus. Remember to turn off power to turntable and lower stylus not drag into sticky. No need to to do anything else except clean lp and enjoy!!

Maurice Grard

Great Gift for Audiophiles

Pick the needle up, put it straight down in the goop and pick it up, and it keeps the dirt in the goop and doesn’t seem to leave any goop on the needle. Instructions say to be careful to put needle straight down and pick straight up and I am careful to do this. Photo shows that specks from where I’ve been doing this and it effectively captures all the dirt on the needle very well. Is it better or worse then just using a brush on the needle, I don’t really know, but it is a fun alternative and a nice gift. I like it. Giving it 5 stars.

Tee Racy

Exactly what I was hoping for!

This product has so far worked perfectly! I find it removes not only dust off the needle but also seems to cut back on the static that can sometimes happen to records.
While it was a pretty expensive investment for what amounts to a gummy sticker it was a one time purchase I can use to clean my needle for the rest do its life. It also cuts down on the amount I need to replace my needles.
Let’s be honest the box and little magnetic clasps are beautiful and I enjoy having such an aesthetic way to clean my needle

Tony coz

A Must Have For Wax Lovers!

I had never used one of these until last week and assumed it was just a gimmick to sucker vinyl enthusiasts into spending money on “essential” items… I was completely wrong. It’s very easy to use, and I was VERY surprised by how much my needle needed this sucker until now. I pride myself on keeping my albums pretty clean, my collection organized, and lint off my stylus, but this took it to a whole new level. Even the playback sounds better after using it. Props for such a great product I didn’t know I needed!

Vinyl Gal

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